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The team at Lupine Design is amazing to work with, thorough and attentive, and committed to your vision for your project. Ideation is collaborative; they listen and offer the most tasteful suggestions to ensure the outcome exceeds your expectations. Our remodel project was a relatively small one compared to their usual undertakings but it didn't feel like it. Communication flows easily and they are deft at keeping your vision in your mind so you can focus and make the most informed decisions. We're so happy they chose to work with us and will never go anywhere else.

Jonathan Ferrell, Design Client

Katie and Trish at Lupine Design are a great combination of professional and fun and easy to work with. We have successfully engaged their services for residential and commercial projects, and their eye for smart and modern arrangement and display is impressive. From AutoCad design to virtual simulation, they make the process forward moving and seamless. Lupine is the best and we offer our highest recommendation!

Bud Bush, Design Client

We have had a wonderful experience with the team at Lupine Design.  Katie and Trish ask the key questions about color, form, and space which lead to a design that fits our needs and our budget and looks beautiful.  They really took the time upfront to understand our sensibilities, allowing them to put curated ideas in front of us and eliminate a lot of time-consuming iterations.  They have helped us transform our home from spaces that were functional but tired into spaces that bring a smile to your face.

Trent Foltz, Design Client

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