Katie Hubert Headshots - photo by Mounta


Principal Designer & Owner

Background & Experience

Katie is the owner and principal designer at Lupine Design. She attended Miami University of Ohio for undergraduate and received her BA in Urban Planning. Early in her career, she worked in commercial real estate with consulting teams based in New York City and Los Angeles, using census data and geographic mapping tools to provide site selection and relocation analyses for offices and large retailers. After a handful of years analyzing data, she decided to follow her passion for design to bring some creativity into her life. Katie has always loved the way that interior design is a coordination of planning, strategizing, producing solutions and following processes blended with creativity and flexibility.  She first worked in the field doing marketing and business development for a small growing design firm and then returned to school to study Interior Design specifically after much encouragement and support from her manager. While attending design school in Scottsdale, Arizona, Katie held leadership roles and served on the board of ASID as the region's Student Liaison coordinating with the student bodies of six different schools in the area. To broaden her design experience, Katie accepted an internship with a high end tile and hard surfaces dealer and showroom to gain product knowledge and learn ordering processes and logistics from suppliers in the design industry. Upon graduating, she did freelance interior design work in the Phoenix Metro area until moving to Crested Butte where she worked with kPd Studios for three years. She founded Lupine Design in February 2020 with big dreams to help people's design dreams come true in Crested Butte!

The Team

The Lupine Design "team" is a collaboration and partnership of small local businesses in Crested Butte in the building and design industry. Katie feels that all the builders, installers, product reps and dealers are all part of her team. We all support one another and have a common goal, to accomplish the vision and desires of our shared client with integrity and cooperative, effective teamwork. 

Design Style

At Lupine Design, there is not one specific design style or aesthetic that defines us. We believe that a great Interior Designer is adaptable and driven by the unique ways in which we use and appreciate our surroundings. We work through challenges and see them as opportunities to provide beautiful solutions that are well thought-through yet made to look like effortless design. Each project is so distinctly different, and that is the very essence of Interior Design & Architecture.