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About Us: About Us


Our Collaborative Approach

While there are two of us working from the Lupine Design studio, we feel that our "team" is truly a collaboration and partnership with many of the small local businesses in Crested Butte in the building and design industry. Architects, builders, product reps, and dealers are all part of our team. We support one another and have a common goal, to accomplish the vision and desires of our shared client with integrity, through cooperative and effective teamwork. 

Design Style

At Lupine Design, there is not one specific design style or aesthetic that defines us. We believe that a great Interior Designer is adaptable and driven by the unique ways in which we use and appreciate our surroundings. We work through challenges and see them as opportunities to provide beautiful solutions that are well thought-through yet made to look like effortless design. Each project is so distinctly different, and that is the very essence of Interior Design & Architecture.

About Us: About Us
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